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Excel Weekend 5

#EW5: January 19 and 20, in São Paulo

Excel Weekend

The LARGEST Excel Immersion Experience in Latin America is back in its fifth edition! It's 2 days full of knowledge for you, along with the best experts in the field. Meet face-to-face the most important teachers, consultants, analysts, developers, content producers and entrepreneurs in the industry as well as an incredible group of Excel enthusiasts. Do not miss it!


October 15, 2016. It was on a Saturday, Teacher's Day, that we started our story. An auditorium with 100 people, including many of Brazil's leading Excel experts, to discuss techniques and directions of the tool.

Excel Weekend 1


The success was so great that, at the end of our first date, to everyone's surprise, we entered into a commitment to carry out the 2nd Edition 3 months later, in January 2017, this time also including Sunday. Was consolidated there our weekend of Excel, Excel Weekend.

Excel Weekend 2


August 2017 was the time to go to another city with our Excel Weekend 3, already dubbed by the public as EW3. We met this time in Rio de Janeiro, in a 4 star beachfront hotel. But the attraction was not the sea: it was Excel by once again.

Excel Weekend 3


At an fast and contagious pace, Excel Weekend 4 came as early as January 2018, back to São Paulo at a 4-star hotel near Paulista Avenue. We received several participants who were already following our work from other editions and for the first time we received a speaker from outside Brazil, as well as special participations such as the Microsoft Excel Team.

Excel Weekend 4


January 2019. Excel Weekend 5. What to expect this year? We are preparing for the greatest EW5 interaction of all EWs until today. Knowledge is also not left aside: this Fifth Edition comes at a time when a new wave of features appears in Excel 2019. What are they? What impact this is going to bring in our work? What are the main challenges that a professional Excel must face in times of IA and Big Data?

Excel Weekend 4

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If you got here, it was not by accident. Excel Weekend 5. January 19 and 20, 2019, in São Paulo. Limited availability. Do not miss this great meeting! Sign up using the Sympla platform here: I WANT TO PARTICIPATE OF EXCEL WEEKEND 5!

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Excel Weekend

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